As we ring in the new year I am reminded of only two years ago when a New Years resolution would profoundly change our life for the better.
Prior to that we ate what I thought was a healthy diet. Most of our produce and dairy was organic and our meat and eggs were local grass fed and free range. I am a stay at home mom to what was then three daughters so I prepared most of their meals from scratch. I baked constantly and always had something on the stove or in the oven. I thought I was doing right by my children and I was doing my best.
As my children started to go to preschool I was faced with the “they’re gonna pick up whatever bug or germ is at school” problem. It would start with the runny nose or cough and soon make its way through the house taking its time to be done with each one of us. I thought this was a right of passage with school aged children, at least that’s what everyone says.
It wasn’t until one winter when I swear at least one person in our house always had some sort of ailment or was recovering from one for three straight months. I was fed up and started looking online for answers and soon came across a book called Disease Proof your Child by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. This book set me in motion down a path that would completely change our family’s direction moving forward.
Over the last two years we have transitioned to a nutrient dense plant based diet and the results have been amazing for all of us.
Among the many benefits we have encountered I can say we no longer get sick like we used to. There is the odd germ that sneaks past but what really amazes me is the decrease in length and severity. The kids also don’t get other ailments that seem to be so common among children these days; ear infections, croup, skin rashes, eczema just to name a few.
Seeing first hand how powerful what we put in our bodies can be has made me become very passionate about the benefits of a whole foods, nutrient dense plant based diet.
My goal with Kill them with Kale in 2015 is to spread this message.

In love and health,

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