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Hi! My name is Denise and I grew up in your typical Canadian household where meat and potatoes was a staple for dinner and you always drank your milk…always. For most of my adult life I didn’t know anything different and hadn’t learned yet of the power of food.

Starting a family of my own (and the paranoia that follows suit) started me on a journey of optimal health and wellness for my husband and 4 young daughters. After much research and a few life changing documentaries (see Movie page) I felt we were finally heading down the right path.

On January 1, 2013 our family adopted a plant based diet and haven’t looked back. What started out as a journey to better our health has become something bigger than I ever thought. Our plant based diet has transformed into a lifestyle which has made us our healthiest and happiest while reducing our environmental footprint on this planet.

It is my goal to share my journey through recipes and provide inspiration to others who are looking for a positive change.

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