Quesadilla with all the taste of pizza.

Quesadilla with all the taste of pizza.

Whenever we eat pizza I find my kids picking off certain toppings that they think they don’t like.  This one doesn’t like tomatoes or mushrooms or whatever they decide that day.  What if you could hide all those healthy veggies inside the pizza somehow so they wouldn’t even know they’re eating it?  Problem solved, right?

Introducing the pizzadilla!  It’s a quesadilla but with all the taste of pizza.

These are also great because you can customize the ingredients to your liking and use what you have on hand. They also take a fraction of the time it takes to make your own pizza crust thus making this an easy weeknight meal.

1 package of whole wheat or whole grain tortillas (use brown rice tortillas for GF version)

1 small can pizza sauce or 1/2 a large can and freeze the rest for next time. I like Eden brand.  No GMO’s.


Diced green and red peppers
Sliced mushrooms
Diced onions
Sliced Tofurky sausage; I used the keilbassa kind, or your choice of fake meat (optional)
Other topping ideas include pineapple tidbits, tomatoes or jalapeños

Daiya Cheese Shreds; I used a mix of Mozzarella and Cheddar

Spread a thin layer of pizza sauce on half the tortilla.  Then layer your toppings and cheese shreds on the sauce so when it melts the cheese causes it to stick together. Fold the empty tortilla side on top of the side with toppings. Next, lay them in a med-high heat frying pan or I used a flat top grill at 350 degrees. I didn’t use any oil, it’s not needed.  Flip over after a few minutes to brown both sides. I like using this method rather than baking them in the oven because I find it browns the tortilla better.  The oven makes them a bit soggy.  I do like my pizza crust a little crispy 🙂

Remove from the pan and let sit a few minutes on a cutting board.  This lets the veg and cheese set a bit.  Cut into triangles with a pizza cutter and serve with a salad or your choice of side. Enjoy!

Easy weeknight meal the kids will love.

Easy weeknight meal the kids will love.



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6 Responses to Vegan Pizzadillas

  1. christie says:

    I’m definitely going to try this!

  2. Hope :) says:

    Oh, wow! These look fantastic. As it happens, we’re having vegan quesadillas tonight — I’ll add these to the docket for next week. 🙂 Thanks for the delicious idea!

  3. Christina says:

    Holy smokes, dude. These look FANTASTIC. I have already forwarded this recipe to my newly vegan boyfriend, and we will replicate this. What a delicious idea! Thank you!

  4. admin says:

    That’s great. This would be great for someone newly Vegan. I hope he likes them.

  5. admin says:

    Hope you like them Christie!

  6. admin says:

    We love vegan quesadillas too. These are a nice change up to add into the rotation. Enjoy!

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